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The Art Of Writing March 11, 2013

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There are many types of writers in the world today. But what makes a good writer into a really great writer? To me, the art of writing a quality and descriptive article, or piece of fiction for that matter, requires several key items. First off, one should have a certain passion for the craft of writing in general, as well as an adequate grasp of grammar . One can never discount the proper use of punctuation or spelling that is needed in writing.

Secondly one should have a passion or knowledge of the subject before writing on it. If one knows very little, they can do research and learn about the subject before proposing to bid on an article. Many good writers have learned the basics of spelling, grammar and punctuation . Some even use such aids as spell check if they are not positive of a spelling. I know I do myself and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Another good idea is proofreading and editing. This way if you miss something in the first draft you have a much greater chance of improving the article into a greater article. One thing I tend to do is simply let someone else read the article usually my wife. Not only can someone else catch minor grammar mistakes but sometimes they can even supply one word or line to improve the article.

Thirdly, and to me most importantly, one should not be afraid of, nor lose hope in the writing they do when asked to edit or rewrite an article. It might be a stellar piece of work to you, but to a client or reader, it may lack exactly what they looking for.
Constructive criticism is a great tool for improving not only your article but it might improve your writing style. Over time even a mediocre writer can improve himself from average to great using any or all these ideas.

Some say another way to be a great writer is to find a specific area of expertise, or niche, to write on. This might work for some people for a period of time, but, the hazards of doing so are varied. One can only write so much and so many things about a specific niche that they get burned out. After all, how many original articles can be written about the use of a pencil? I say diversify and have several areas you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Then not only will you have a wider range of areas for your writing to cover but you will also have a wider clientele or reader base to write for.

A great writer,therefore,has to be well versed in many areas, grammar, subject knowledge,passionate about both writing and the subject they write about, and willing to accept criticism